Florescent Adolescence

Hes got the way of a hurricane

You’re at a diner. You sit and drink your coffee with your earphones in, watching people as they go about their lives. You weren’t really meeting anyone. You just got over a really bad breakup and just needed to think and reflect on your life. The coffee mug warms your hands as you set your sight on a young looking ginger. He sits alone quietly stirring his drink. You admire his disheveled hair and serene manner. He suddenly looks up, straight at you. You blush a bit and quickly look away. You try to pretend that you’re looking at other people, but no one holds your interest quite like this guy. When you turn back to look at him again, you realize he’s already beat you to the chase. Your heart beats out of control. You’re not sure if it’s from the thrill of being caught, or the cuteness of this guys eyes. You look at him and he looks back down at his cup, grinning. You giggle soundlessly to your self. He glances at you seconds later, and your eyes flicker to your cup as he gets up and heads over your way. “Is there a reason you keep starring at me?” He asks, a glossy smirk teasing his lips. You bite your lower lip completely embarrassed and caught of guard by his heavy accent. “Uh…I’m sorry. There’s just something really intriguing about you…I…um…guess.” You stutter, blushing harder. You place your head on the table as you hear him chuckle. “Is there?” He questions. You peek up at him. “Am I intriguing enough to buy you another coffee?” He asks. A smile crosses your face. “Sure.” He goes to order your coffee, and takes a seat at your table when he comes back. “So. Intriguing, huh?” He asks. Your eyes focus on the table. “Hey! You were looking at me too. What’s your excuse?” You glance up to see him smiling. “I’m not sure. I find there’s something really fascinating about you. Like how you’re sitting all alone at a diner. Why is that?” “It’s peaceful. And you?” “Need to get away. So do you always come to diners for peace?” You giggle. “You’re quite nosy aren’t you. I don’t even know your name.” “Ed.” You extend your hand across the table. “Y/N”. He shakes it shyly. “…What are you listening to?” He asks motioning to your earphones. You gasp forgetting you had them on. “Coldplay.” You mutter. He smiles wide. “I quite like that band. They’re one of my favorites.” Your eyes widen. “Mine’s too!” You spend, what seems like minutes, but hours talking to Ed. You have a lot in common with him, and you enjoy his company. You guys just seem to hit it off really well. You look at the time and realize it’s well into the evening. “I have to go.” You say to Ed, frowning. “Aw, so soon? Can I see you again?” He asks. You smile. “Of course! Take my number.” You hand it to him and give him a hug before walking out of the diner. The diner you would soon be meeting Ed at a lot. The diner where he one day proposes. The diner where you one day tell him you’re pregnant. This is the diner that holds the beginning and so much more to you and Ed’s relationship. 

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