Florescent Adolescence

Hes got the way of a hurricane
Preference #24: You're a different ethnicity than him and he/you get hate (One Direction)
  • Harry: You're sitting on the floor of your living room watching TV when you hear the front door slam shut. Your boyfriend, Harry, comes storming in and sits down next to you. "...You okay?" You ask, turning your attention to him. He sighs then pulls out his phone. "No." "Do you...want to talk about it?" "Are you..okay?" He looks into your eyes sympathetically. "...Am I not supposed to be? Harry, what's going on?" "...So you didn't see? Look, whatever they say about you-about us- they're wrong! It doesn't mean anything! I love you!" He kisses you, but you're so confused. He sighs then hands you his phone. When you look, very racist and inhuman tweets are filled on his screen about you. About him. About your family. Tears stain your cheeks as you continue reading. Harry gently takes his phone away. You look over at him and you see tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry, baby." You don't say anything. "Let's...let's just get away." he says convincingly, standing up. "I'm packing up right now." "Harry we just can't-" "I love you! I love you enough to not just sit here while people say these things about you. While they tear you and me apart. So we're taking a break." He yells. You nod, so thankful for Harry right now. "I love you.." He says again before walking away to pack you guy's bags.
  • Niall: A tear falls down your face as you remember watching E News on TV this morning. The host says, "We asked viewers last week if you think that Niall and Y/N should be together, and 79% of you guys said 'no'. Wow, try harder next time, Niall." It's midnight now and you're listening to Niall talk about his day. When he finishes you smile. "That's nice, Niall! I'm glad you had a great day...Can I ask you something?" He silent for a moment. "Anything." "Why...do you like me?" "Well, first of all, I love you. Second of all...why do you ask?" "Just...wondering..." "Y/N...please tell me you're not letting hate get to you." More tears slide down your cheeks. He moves over and pulls you closer to him; cradling your head and caressing your hair. "Babe, I love you because...you're beautiful, funny, smart, athletic..at times, and you know how to have a good time. You're everything I've ever wanted. I never want to lose you, baby." he kisses the crook of your neck softly. You sigh and wipe away your tears. "I love you." He coos. You giggle. "I love you too."
  • Louis: "Louis! Louis!" The paparazzi yell, snapping pictures and following you guys down the street. "Louis! Tell us why are you dating a Y/E girl?" Louis squeezes your hand tighter and continues to ignore them. "Deep breaths." you mutter to him. He growls in reply. "Y/N, is it true you're a beard for Larry? Are you pregnant with Harry's baby? I like your sweater." You giggle a bit at how silly these questions are, but Louis doesn't seem too amused. "Louis, why are you so desperate?" And that was it. Louis snapped. He let go of your hand and turned to the paparazzi. "Look, you twats! Go away! We don't want to be fucking bothered with you!" He yells. Yet, the cameras keep clicking; eating this up. You grab Louis' arm and pull him on. "Don't" You warn him. "No! Don't you ever talk to my girlfriend again. Don't call her a beard. You are lucky she hasn't snapped on you yet! I love her. I LOVE her. Why can't anyone see that. I don't care what ethnicity or skin color she is! Now put THAT in your stupid magazines." You stand and stare at him wide-eyed. He walks over to you and kisses you deeply, flicking off the paparazzi. When he pulls away from the kiss, he grabs your hand and you guys begin to walk again. This time, the paparazzi don't follow. "Wow, that was hot." You wink at him. He chuckles. "Thanks. I'm just tired of everyone picking on you because of who you are." "Well, I appreciate you sticking up for me. Damn, I'm dating a bad ass."
  • Zayn: You hear Zayn laughing from the other room, so you go to see what's up. "Zayn..?" He looks up from his laptop. "Hey, babe." You flop down on the bed. "Whatcha doin?" "Looking at this website. One of my friends sent a link to it. It's about us. It's kinda funny." You move up to where he is to see the screen. The name of the site is: peopleidontship.tumblr.com. On the screen is pages and pages of pictures of you and Zayn. The captions say things like, "Ew", "What was he thinking?", "Really?". You shudder a bit. "Zayn..this isn't-" "Look! They're talking about our family and ethnicity!" He laughs loudly. You feel a bit uneasy. You slowly start to shut his laptop then grab his hands. "Zayn...What's wrong?" His laughter turns into tears. You prop yourself on your knees and hold him; letting him cry on your shoulder. When he quiets downs, you pull back and look him in the eyes. "It's okay." You assure him. "What people say do-" "Doesn't matter. We have us blah blah blah. I've heard it before, Y/N! I've been dealing with this shit my whole life. I've always stood out because of who I am. It hasn't gotten easier. So don't try to tell me it gets better." "Zayn! You think I don't go through this? You think it makes me feel good when I see those nasty things on the internet? No! I've been through the same things as you! But what can I do besides ignore it?" You yell. He's quiet. "I'm just...tired, baby." "I'm tired of it too." He pulls you closer to him. "Boo, I love you." He says, then proceeds to kiss up your neck, pushing you back on the bed. You feel his hand rest under your shirt on your waist. "Can we just rest here all day?" He asks, kissing you again. You nod. "I'd like that."
  • Liam: "I don't understand....why?" Liam says. You sigh and hug him from behind; wrapping your arms around his shoulders. "I don't either, babe." You kiss behind his ear. "Just forget about it." You whine. "No. I can't. It's just not fair." He says, typing quickly. "Liam don't." You say. He completed his tweet and sent it. "Just as I start to like Twitter again, I see the nasty side of people who like to dislike someone who makes me ...ME" "Aw!!" You coo. "I make you you? Liam, that's so sweet." He turns in his chair and kisses you. "You do. Without you...I just...I don't know. I don't feel right. I don't understand why people find these little things about you so appalling." You kiss him passionately. "You are amazing." He mumbles. "Believe it." You smile wide. "I think I'm starting to." You say.
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